BWOPA50 Sat. October 27th

Legacy Leadership & Power Summit 2018

Celebrating 50 Years 


Saturday, October 27th | 8am - 6pm

InterContinental Hotel | 888 Howard StreetSan Francisco


Highly recommended to take

BART, or Uber / Lyft

8 – 9am

Registration / Exhibitors Open

Continental Breakfast/networking


Opening Session

Welcome Remarks



Status of Black Women in California

Kellie Todd Griffin & Shakari Byerly

As the author and mastermind of the insightful new report, The State of Black of Women: The Invisible Minority, Ms. Todd will highlight the strategic policy platform and action plan that was created to address systemic change for Black women.

Shakari Byerly, polling veteran and founding partner of EVITARUS Public Opinion Research, will provide an overview of the policy priorities, voting patterns, and political attitudes of Black women in California based upon recent statewide surveys conducted exclusively among California's Black voters.

In honor of BWOPA’s 50th Anniversary, Ms. Todd and Ms. Byerly will share both report’s on political participation and action recommendations. 


Networking Break


Our Leadership Matters Empowerment Panel Series


Legacy & Next Gen Perspectives

Black women are 7.4% of the U.S. population and 7.8% of the electorate.  However, Black women are severely underrepresented in the Nation’s legislative halls.  There are only 14 Black women in Congress (2.6%), two Black women in statewide elected executive office, 241 Black women in state legislatures (3.3%). Currently, there are 20 women serving as U.S. Senators of which only one is a Black woman.

Although the number of Black women serving as elected officials is disturbingly low, Black women have proven throughout history to be politically resilient and steadfast in spite of the many obstacles and tests we have faced.  Join this panel discussion of our own political trailblazers and rising stars as they share their journeys, provide advice, and offer recommendations on how to harness our political resilience and steadfastness to manifest real change.


Moderator: Hon Surlene Grant, former Vice Mayor San Leandro


  • Hon. Dezie Woods Jones, Founding BWOPA member, State President 
  • Hon. Alona Clifton, former Peralta Community College District Trustee
  • Hon. Cynthia Sterling, former Fresno City Council, BWOPA Fresno Chapter President
  • Hon. Dr. Fatima Alleyne, President, Contra Costa County Board of Education
  • Irella Blackwood, BWOPA VP, Oakland/Berkeley/Hayward/South County Chapter


Our New Way Forward “Our Action Plan”

How do we identify, educate, and engage Black women across the socio-economic spectrum to elect Black women, influence elections and move public policy that unapologetically supports the best interests of our communities?  This panel conversation will tackle this question head on sharing their passion, purpose, and plans of action to ensure Black women continue to be the political powerhouse and force we have been throughout history.


Moderator:  Hon. Lisa Gauthier, Vice Mayor, East Palo Alto


  • K. Patrice Williams, BWOPA Vallejo/Napa Chapter President
  • Aisha Brown, President, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Oakland Bay Area Chapter
  • Shay Franco Clausen,  Chair, Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women 
  • Dr. Kimberly Mayfield, Holy Names University, AKA/XGO Chapter


Power Luncheon 


Keynote Address : Money, Respect, Power 

  • Kimberly Ellis, UnBought & UnBossed  


Networking Break

2:30pm – 4:30pm


Two Concurrent Workshop Sessions


(pick two of four)

Mini-Political Bootcamp: Stepping Forward toward Public Leadership - Today, studies show that, if the United States continues at its current rate, all women won’t have equal representation in government until 2117 – for Black women there isn’t a prediction for when we might reach parity or equal representation.  Therefore, it is our collective clarion call and mission to prepare fierce women leaders like you to step up and forward to lead.

The BWOPA Mini-BootCamp "Stepping Forward toward Public Leadership" sessions are designed to pique and strengthen your interest to follow your passion around issues that impact you, your family, and our community.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” Nelson Mandela



Breakout A:

2:30pm – 3:30pm

The Assessment

In this coaching session, we will focus on how to identify the right place for you in the public policy arena. With advisement from trailblazing leaders, political strategists and public policy professionals, we will explore and discuss how to position yourself for boards, commissions and even public office.  Specifically, you will take inventory of your current skills and assess what practical skills, tools, aptitudes and dispositions you will need to acquire and/or strengthen to launch a professional campaign.


Moderator:  K. Patrice Williams, BWOPA Vallejo/Napa Chapter President


  • Eileen Pippins, MA, BWOPA Oakland/Berkeley Chapter
  • Gayle Guest Brown, Author, Girl Get it Right!



Breakout B:


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Campaign Mechanics for Running for Office       

Have you ever wondered what it takes to launch a successful political campaign? Led by seasoned grassroots political leaders and campaign strategists, we will share what to expect emotionally, physically, and psychologically.  Panelists will share strategies on how to build an election campaign team, how to develop relationships with and garnering support from local & key stakeholders, how to build your platform and key messages, how to tell your story and craft your campaign narrative, and most importantly how to take care of yourself as a potential candidate.


Moderator:  Shay Franco Clausen,  Chair, Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women 


  • Hon. Lisa Gauthier, Vice Mayor of East Palo Alto
  • Shakari Byerly, EVITARUS   


Breakout C:


3:30pm – 4:30pm

Fundraising Your Way to Success

“There are two “I’s” in Fundraising – they stand for inspiration and innovation.” Author Unknown

This hands-on interactive learning session will work ask participants to think strategically about how to ask for financial support for their campaign efforts.  Presenters will provide an overview of fundraising in the campaign context, how to prepare for the “ask”, discuss campaign fundraising legislation, how to prioritize campaign spending, and look at samples of what campaign teams do with different budgets. 


Moderator: Brigette LeBlanc, MTA, LeBlanc and Associates


  • Clem Clarke, CMH & Associates
  • Tammy Willis, Shoe Box Financial

Breakout D:


3:30pm – 4:30pm

Positioning for Boards and Commissions

We know that Black Women are the most active in the political process and that California has the largest contingency of Black Women elected officials on the state and federal level in the nation. However, there are other ways to serve in the government. Black Women can have a significant impact on policy and programs by serving on Boards and Commissions. This option can be a meaningful opportunity for those who want to be involved in system change. Panelists will provide an informative discussion on what it takes to be appointed and what opportunities are available at the local and state levels.


Moderator:  Nolice EdwardsCA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation


  • Shay Franco Clausen, Chair, Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women 
  • Andrea Shorter, SF Commission on the Status of Women
  • Leslye Tinson, Chair, California Private Security Disciplinary Review Committee


President's Reception


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