April's National Physical Fitness Month

National Physical Fitness Month
by 2017 DWJ Fellow Chasitie Neal 
This month BWOPA/TILE and the DWJ Fellows are proud to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports while acknowledging Black Women Advocating for Healthy Living. My name is Chasitie Neal and I am a DWJ Fellow from Fresno, Ca. My DWJ Fellows public policy issue area is economic security. I chose economic security because I felt that it is extremely important to understand how to gain economic freedom as an African-American in today's society. One of greatest opportunities and failures of the African American community has been in gaining and keeping economic security. I found it interesting that we have a billion dollar shopping power but our business on average aren't making $100,00 a year. Redlining has always been our enemy, but our voices, our presence, and our money does matter.

I chose to write about National Physical Fitness and Sports month because I'm currently working on a Masters degree in sports management, plus I love athletics and thought it would be fun. This National Physical Fitness and Sports months we are honoring Serena Williams, one of the greatest athletes of all times, in a man or woman sport.

This January our tennis queen, Serena Williams, won her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open at 35 years old, and guess what? We recently found out that she was two months pregnant. Last year, Williams won her seventh Wimbledon, adding the latest title to her title total 37 major titles at the Australian Open where she beat her older sister Venus Williams.

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