Kamala D. Harris



Kamala D. Harris is the 32nd Attorney General of the State of California, a career prosecutor and a Democratic candidate for California’s open United States Senate seat. Kamala was raised by a family steeped in the civil rights movement and has fought her entire career for justice for everyone – especially for those whose voices aren’t often heard by those in power.

From her first days as a prosecutor in Alameda County, to her work as San Francisco District Attorney, to her current service as Attorney General, Kamala has had one client – the people of California – and has time and again made a difference for California families.

She has been a national leader in reforming the criminal justice system. Her book, ‘Smart on Crime,” challenged the false choice that we must either be “soft” or “tough” on crime and set forth a new vision for public safety that focuses on combating recidivism and addressing the root causes of crime, rather than just treating its symptoms.

Kamala has spent her entire career fighting for the voiceless in our society and against those who prey on them – taking on criminal organizations and transnational gangs and fighting against fraud and abuse in all its forms. As Attorney General, Kamala fought the biggest banks in the world and won $20 billion for California homeowners harmed by the foreclosure crisis. She successfully defended California’s environmental protections in court and prosecuted those who prey on immigrant families. She has a lifetime commitment to protecting children, from early in her career when she prosecuted child abusers, to her work as District Attorney fighting human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, to her groundbreaking move as Attorney General to create the Bureau of Children’s Justice in the California Department of Justice to protect our state’s children.

Kamala has also been a national civil rights leader, playing a critical role in the national movement for marriage equality and leading opposition to cynical efforts to discriminate against Californians based on age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

In all of her work, Kamala’s approach is grounded in her many years of experience as a career prosecutor fighting for everyday people. In Washington, she’ll put the interests of California families first and stand up to the powerful special interests and big corporations. As one of California’s United States Senators, Kamala will work to:

Ø Repair the ladder of opportunity that’s broken for so many Americans by fighting income inequality, creating good- paying jobs and enacting family leave and equal pay policies that help working families

Ø Fight to ensure our children have a fair shot in school and in life by passing universal pre-kindergarten legislation, making sure funding actually gets into classrooms and saving young adults from crushing student loan debt

Ø Protect our water resources through conservation and an all-of-the-above approach that upgrades our water infrastructure and invests in the best new recycling and desalination technologies

Ø Pass comprehensive immigration reform that brings the 11 million undocumented immigrants who live in our country out of the shadows and provides a fair pathway to citizenship

Ø Take California’s leadership fighting climate change to the national level and finally pass meaningful federal environmental legislation that cuts fossil fuel emissions and keeps our families healthy

The only way we can fix the dysfunction in Washington is to change the type of leaders we send there. We need more leaders like Kamala Harris who will win results for California families and put the interests of everyday people first.


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