Calling Emerging Young Leaders - High School and College

As part of BWOPA's goal to build the bench of leaders, BWOPA is in the process of seeking highly motivated youth and young adults from throughout California ready for the opportunity to level up their skills.  Applications are now open for the BWOPA Young Adult State Leadership Council 2024.  For California college and high school students with leadership skills or an interest in government, this is the opportunity for you.

The BWOPA Young Adult State Leadership Council is a transformative virtual pilot program to empower young girls in 9th grade through college to become future leaders in government and politics. This "inside track" will equip participants with insight that goes beyond textbook knowledge, helping them develop an understanding of how power and politics operate in practice. It empowers them to navigate political landscapes effectively, make informed decisions, and create meaningful change in their communities and beyond. This program draws inspiration from BWOPA's legacy of advocating for Black women's representation, equality, and social change.

By the end of the sequence, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of power dynamics, political systems and effective leadership strategies. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to actively engage in politics, advocate for change, and contribute to their communities.

Graduates of the BWOPA Young Adult State Leadership Council will be encouraged to continue their involvement in BWOPA's ongoing initiatives, fostering a network of empowered young leaders committed to shaping a better future.

REGISTER TODAYJoin the BWOPA Youth and Young Adult Caucus Leadership Council!  The application deadline extended to December 30th and the program will start mid January 2024.

Register HERE or for more information, email [email protected] today.