Legislative Learning Day 2021

Join us for BWOPA's signature Legislative Learning Day 2021

Wed. May 12th, 10:30am - 12n | RSVP https://bit.ly/BWOPALegDay2021

Meet our CA Black Legislative Caucus Members and State Legislators to discuss issues related #health#education#criminaljustice and #economicdevelopment

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Running for Office - Fundraising Masterclass

Check Out BWOPA's Running for Office Masterclass on Fundraising

Sat. April 24th - 12n- 1:30pm | RSVP https://bit.ly/BWOPAR4OFundraising

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Running for Office

If you are interested in running for office or exploring the possibility, then check out BWOPA's 2nd Annual Level Up Your Game - Running for Office 2021 Masterclass - Sat. March 13, 12n - 3pm.

  • BWOPA members:          $25 until March 1st and $50 after March 1st
  • Non-BWOPA members:  $50 until March 1st and $100 after March 1st

Click here to RSVP TODAY 



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Happy 2021!

Happy 2021!


We have made it through the storm.  It is with great optimism 2021 will bring us greater opportunities, possibilities, victories and impact as we carry out our mission engaging, empowering, uplifting and collaborating with our community, leaders and allies.

Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 20th from 9am to 1pm for what will be most inspirational day of our year -- Inauguration 2021. 

We will plan to host a BWOPA Inauguration Watch Party.  RSVP here!

Wishing you all a healthy and safe 2021!


p.s.  It's that time of year to Renew (or to Join) your BWOPA membership.  We have 9 chapters throughout the state to get engaged.

Click Here to Renew/Join one of our organizing chapters.

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VEEP 2020

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In the Community

Caring for Our Community

Grab & Go Food Distribution @ Eastmont Mall

BWOPA Adopt a Day

in partnership with East Oakland Black Cultural Zone

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The Power of The Black Vote

Get Involved in the "Power of the Black Vote" initiative. Check Your Voting Status Today!  

BWOPA and partners want to ensure all your paper work is in order.   Now is the time to double check your voter profile to ensure you are registered, and that your name and address is the same as on your California ID, political party and more!  It's easy and quick.  Click here to check now!

Once you are done checking your voting status ... here is your 2020 election season checklist to review and share with others.



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