Core Issues


African-Americans continue to face elevated rates of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and cancer. Additionally, disparities persist in mental health, with higher instances of depression and substance abuse.  Access to quality healthcare remains a challenge due to financial barriers and insufficient insurance coverage.


Completion rates for high school and college among African-Americans still lag behind the general population. The concentration of African Americans in urban schools exacerbates the issue, as these educational institutions often suffer from inadequate resources.

Criminal Justice Reform

Disparities in incarceration rates persist, with African American youth and adults being more likely to be incarcerated compared to their white counterparts. Ongoing efforts in criminal justice reform are essential to address systemic issues and promote equality.

Economic Security/Jobs 

The African American community continues to grapple with higher rates of poverty and unemployment compared to the general population. Entrepreneurship remains a challenge, as African Americans are less likely to own businesses, and there's limited access to job training programs. Initiatives focusing on economic empowerment and equal opportunities are crucial for addressing these disparities.