Presenting with Slides

BWOPA Lunchtime Happy Hour ~ Presenting w/ Slides
w/ Coach Megan Timpane 
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Stand out from the crowd.  Ready to put the power back in your slide presentations? Using real-world examples and role modeling, this seminar will show you how to deliver dynamic, compelling presentations that your colleagues will enjoy attending—really.

We’ll start by taking an informed look from the other side of the podium: what works and what doesn’t from the audience point of view. Along the way, we’ll dispel some common myths about slide presentation dos and don’ts. And finally, we’ll address what it takes to entice your listener’s attention and keep it until your final slide.
• Create slides that support rather than distract from your message
• Choose the right slide format for your objectives
• Use speaker’s notes successfully
• Create effective executive summaries for complex material
• Deliver your message with impact


October 18, 2021 at 11:30am - 1pm