The Black Hub’s Multi-Year Efforts Protect Black Political Power and Create New Opportunities for Black Representation in California

LOS ANGELES, CA, DECEMBER 21, 2021 - On the evening of December 20, 2021, the California Redistricting Commission (CRC) approved the final maps that decide California’s new political boundaries for Congress, Senate, Assembly, and the Board of Equalization for the next ten years.  The California Black Census and Redistricting Hub coalition, “the Black Hub coalition,” has closely monitored the line-drawing process and advocated for Black communities of interest. The Black Hub coalition is pleased that their efforts successfully protected existing Black districts. Also, the group recognizes new opportunities to elect Black representatives in emerging Black communities in California. “All things considered, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission had an arduous task. We commend their commitment to including Black voices in the redistricting process. Even in the areas where we didn’t get the perfect outcome, their attempts to consider the feedback of Black residents was fair. We are satisfied with the results,” stated James Woodson, policy director of the Black Hub.     

The Black Hub coalition submitted draft maps based on the community feedback they collected from hosting 51 listening sessions throughout California. In addition, their grassroots network submitted maps to the CRC highlighting opportunities for greater equity in redistricting while simultaneously identifying opportunities to protect and increase Black political representation. The group also led a rigorous community outreach campaign that informed their demography and data efforts.

Kevin Cosney, associate director of programs for the Black Hub, highlights the relentless statewide outreach efforts. “Our coalition worked hard to ensure Black residents were informed and engaged in redistricting. Historically, many barriers prevent communities from participating, so we committed to supporting Black residents during the public input process. We also partnered with groups prioritizing Latinx, AAPI, and LGBTQ+ political representation by participating in unity mapping tables. It was important to us that our redistricting priorities didn’t compete but united marginalized groups while respecting the interests of others fighting to advance racial and social justice.”

With decennial census outreach complete (My Black Counts) and redistricting now concluding, the Black Hub coalition will transfigure their three-year project to a long-term, Black power-building endeavor. Their future work will advance in the newly-formed California Black Power Network. The California Black Power Network is dedicated to improving the living conditions of Black Californians.

About the California Black Census and Redistricting Hub: The California Black Census and Redistricting Hub, “The Black Hub,” is a project of California Calls. The Black Hub is a coalition of over 30 Black-led and Black-serving grassroots organizations focused on racial justice throughout California. We engage, educate, and mobilize Black communities, especially Black groups most impacted by systemic racism in housing, education, criminal justice, immigration, and economic policies and practices. Learn more by visiting