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Women Against the Recall invite you to join us as we work to protect what makes our state great — including leading the fight against climate change — now, more than ever, we must be bold in our effort to do everything we can to stop the effort by right-wing extremists to recall Governor Newsom.  Your contribution in any amount will go a long way to support our work against the recall.

Although we began this effort to build a collaborative of partners to support increased representation of Black women in the US Senate, we realize this would not be possible in California without ensuring we have a Democratic governor. We also recognize that many of our fundamental rights and values would be at stake. As you are well aware, the recall campaign against Governor Newsom has obtained the necessary number of signatures needed for submission. A Republican could not win in a regular election but could have a clear path to winning plurality in a recall campaign. Voters will be asked two questions on the ballot: do you vote yes or no on the recall and which of the candidates on the ballot do you vote for — voting for Governor Newsom will not be an option.  More information about the recall process is attached.

If this recall is successful and a Republican Governor is elected, it will not only negatively impact the appointment power the Governor has for any possible vacancy that might arise in the US Senate or other office, but it has the potential to impact everything in our lives. For women, communities of color, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community, in particular, the stakes couldn't be higher — a Republican governor will reverse many gains we have made in social equity and racial justice, gender and economic justice, civil rights, the environment, health, and public safety. To protect our progress — from vaccinations and school re-openings to a woman’s right to choose — our URGENT action now is to do everything we can to fight this recall!

To ensure that we will be able to "Secure the Seat" if the opportunity avails itself and to safeguard against any additional fallout of a Republican governor, we are seeking your partnership to mobilize a grassroots movement, "Women Against the Recall (WAR)" denouncing the Republican recall of Governor Newsom. Mobilization of our base will be critical since recall elections tend to have low voter turnout thereby making it much easier for Republicans to win - even though the polls indicate that the majority of Californians do not support the recall.

This is why we need you to join us and contribute today.  Your contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or any amount will be extremely helpful as we fight against the right wing ploy to undo California's progressive democratic agenda.  Now is the time to stand with Governor Newsom and make it clear that we will not lose the soul of our great state without a fight. 

Join us to defend the governor’s seat and defeat the Republican attack.

For additional information about this War Against the Recall movement, please contact Nolice Edwards - [email protected].

Thank you,

Women Against The Recall