April's National Physical Fitness Month

National Physical Fitness Month
by 2017 DWJ Fellow Chasitie Neal 
This month BWOPA/TILE and the DWJ Fellows are proud to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports while acknowledging Black Women Advocating for Healthy Living. My name is Chasitie Neal and I am a DWJ Fellow from Fresno, Ca. My DWJ Fellows public policy issue area is economic security. I chose economic security because I felt that it is extremely important to understand how to gain economic freedom as an African-American in today's society. One of greatest opportunities and failures of the African American community has been in gaining and keeping economic security. I found it interesting that we have a billion dollar shopping power but our business on average aren't making $100,00 a year. Redlining has always been our enemy, but our voices, our presence, and our money does matter.